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To share the benefits of self-care, one natural ingredient at a time! We share tips and encourage everyone to be confident in their skin. Learn more about Beautifully Rooted and join our community!

"This email is about Beautifully Rooted’s Sugar Cookies Body Butter. I just got out of the shower and used it for the first time and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! Again, as with the Hair Oil, it’s light and that’s what I really love (I don’t do gunky). The scent is soft, yet fragrant, not overwhelming. I really love both of these products!!!"

— Adrian 

"I loved the products (Sugar Cookies body butter and Vibrant body oil) they both have a nice moisturizing element needed for the skin. And I noticed if you have spots that need a little extra attention heels knees or elbows add a drop of or two of the oil to those spots with the whip perfect! The whipped cream was so light and fluffy."

— Deyna

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